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Welcome to Shoe Shine Express --the shoe, foot and leather care specialists.

Shoe Shine / Polish Kit Most people at one point or another experience foot pain and discomfort resulting from improper fitting footwear. To help you find relief from the pain and discomfort we’ve collected over 750 of the highest quality shoe and foot care products currently available. We also carry a great selection of leather and horse care products.

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Sampling Of Shoe & Foot Care Products:

Creams, Polishes, Waxes --transform old shoes into shiny new shoes
Shoe Shine Kits --make your old shoes, boots, high heels, and other footwear sparkle like new
Stretchers --great for making room in ‘tight fitting’ shoes/ boots and ‘breaking-in’ new foot wear
Shoe Trees --ideal for retaining shoe shape and putting an end to foot wear shrinkage
Shoe Buffers --professional looking results without the high costs
Shoe Shine Electric Polishers --easy way to get an instant, high-gloss shine
Arch and Heel Cushions --provide additional support and prevent slipping
Deodorizers -- odor reducing products
Shoe Shine Stand Foot Rest -- Polished Solid Brass and Cast Aluminum Foot Rest
Acrylic Leather Paint - the premier paints on the market with vibrant, long-lasting colors

Even though our feet take a pounding day in and day out, they really are very delicate body parts when you consider that they are made-up of 26-bones, 33-joints, and a number of muscles and ligaments. On the average, a person will during his/ her lifetime, take enough steps that he/ she could transverse around the world 4-times!

That’s a lot of walking, running, jumping and other kinds of abuse our feet have to endure on a daily basis. We think your feet deserve better and that why we created this website. We have one of the best selections of shoe care and foot care products you’ll find anywhere and our prices are hard to beat. Our prices are so good that we even act as a wholesaler for other companies and individuals looking to make large quantity purchases and display solutions.

Thank you for stopping in at Shoe Shine Express. We look forward to sharing with you and your family our experiences throughout the coming years.

The Winge Family

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