Shoe Trees and Boot Trees

shoe treesIf you want to retain the shape of your shoes and boots then consider getting a shoe tree. Along with helping to maintain foot wear shape, shoe trees also offer a couple of other benefits:

For the best selection and prices on a foot wear tree turn to Shoe Shine Expresswe are foot care and shoe care specialists. A shoe tree can be made of wood (usually cedar), plastic, or metal. We carry all of them in both men’s and women’s sizes.

shoe shine productsShoe Shine Products

We are a small, debt-free family owned and operated business with very little overhead… allowing us to provide high quality products at great prices. To learn more about our company, please visit our about us page.

shoe treesThese devices are also sometimes referred to a ‘shoe/ boot shapers’ and while it will aid in making your foot wear more comfortable it is not the same thing as a shoe stretcher. Trees are for shaping foot wear, shoe stretchers are for actually stretching tight fitting foot wear.

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