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    Welcome to – The shoe, foot, and leather care specialist. 


    Shoe Shine / Polish Kit

    Most people at one point or another experience foot pain and discomfort resulting from improper fitting footwear. To help you find relief from the pain and discomfort and maintain the health and beauty of your shoes and feet, we’ve collected over 750 of the highest quality shoe and foot care products currently available. We also carry a great selection of leather and horse care products.

    Some shoe & foot care products you will find on our site:

    • Creams, polishes, and waxes transform old shoes into shiny new shoes
    • Shoeshine kits make your old shoes, boots, high heels, and other footwear sparkle like new 
    • Shoe stretchers are great for making room in ‘tight fitting’ shoes and boots and ‘breaking-in’ new footwear
    • Shoe trees are ideal for retaining shoe shape and putting an end to footwear shrinkage
    • Shoe buffers are a way to get professional looking results without the high costs
    • Electric polishers are an easy way to get an instant, high-gloss shine
    • Shoe rests and boot holders position shoes for the perfect shoeshine 
    • New Balance insoles provide superior support, comfort, fit and function
    • Freshening product reduce the odor associated with worn shoes
    • Acrylic Leather Paint gives you a selection of the premier paints on the market with vibrant, long-lasting colors

    Welcome to – The shoe, foot, and leather care specialist.

    Everyone wears shoes of one sort or the other. Whether you have dress shoes, athletic shoes, tennis shoes, leather shoes, canvas shoes or a combination of them all – you need products to keep them looking their best or the longest amount of time. We carry all kinds of products to help you extend the life of your shoes. We have creams, polishes, brushes, dyes, cleaners, conditioners, and protectors.

    Giving you the ultimate number of options, we offer multiple brands.  We carry Tarrago, KIWI, Lincoln, Angelus, Fiebing’s and Meltonian Shoe. 

    Do you need Suede and Nubuck Cleaner? We carry products that will keep your Suede and Nubuck shoes and purses looking brand new. What about Suede Dyes? We have that too.

    We have shoe and boot trees and shoe and boot stretchers, Beck electric buffers and shoe shine kits and boxes.

    Do you need insoles for your shoes? We have New Balance insoles that will help with your shoes fit your feet even better.

    Do you have or want a shoe shine stand? We carry footrests in both solid brass and cast aluminum. We also have a heavy duty shoe and boot holder that makes shining your shoes at home as easy as can be. 

    We also carry horse care and saddle and tack care Items, shoe horns and shoe bags, acrylic paints, and more!

    Check out our large selection of shoe and leather care products today!

    Thank you for shopping at