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Kiwi Shoe Freshener

KIWI Shoe Freshener controls shoe and sneaker order all day. KIWI Shoe Freshener will give you the confidence you need to take your shoes off no matter where you are. KIWI Shoe Freshener comes in a unique upside down applicator that gives a fresh blast of deodorant from heel to toe. KIWI Shoe Freshener provides all day shoe freshness and is safe to use on all types footwear. KIWI Shoe Freshener is available in a 2.2 oz. bottle.

Directions: To use KIWI Shoe Freshener, simply insert the bottom of the bottle into the shoe. Then press down on the bottle of KIWI Shoe Freshener to release spray into the shoe. Repeat as necessary.

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KIWI Shoe Freshener

Fiebing's Fresh Feet

Fiebing’s Fresh Feet eliminates unpleasant odors from all types of footwear. Fiebing’s Fresh Feet provides instant relief. Fiebing’s Fresh Feet comes in a is 4 FL oz. Spray Bottle.

Directions: To use Fiebing’s Fresh Feet , Spray Fiebing’s Fresh Feet liberally inside of footwear. Direct contact with odor source is essential. Let dry and wear without worry about odors. Spot test hidden area for color fastness.

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Fiebing's Fresh Feet
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