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Hat Stretcher

Hat Stretcher by Hat Jack comes in three different sizes so that it can fit almost any hat. This Hat Stretcher is made of kiln dried wood to absorb moisture and keep the sweat bands supple. The Hat Stretcher has a 130 pound rated steel and aluminum turnbuckle with rubber grips so that it is able to re-stretch even the most severe shrinkage. The Hat Stretcher is handcrafted with the highest quality materials so that deterioration of your hat can be prevented. The Hat Stretcher by Hat Jack can be used many types of hats including panama, straw, felt, tweed, caps and hats. The Hat Stretcher by Hat Jack can prevent a wet hat or cap from shrinking, prolong the usage and maintain a comfortable fit and can even increase the size of your hat.

Hat Stetcher by Hat Jack

Directions to use the Hat Stretcher by Hat Jack turn it so that you are able to see the label. Turn the handle so that it is approximately the size of your hat. Then place the Hat Stretcher in the hat with the central handle aligned from front to back. Turn the handle until there is a snug fit. Store your hat resting on the crown with the brim uppermost. To stretch your hat, follow the previous instructions. Then fill a pan with water and place the lid ajar and bring the water to a boil until a steady jet of steam appears. Hold the Hat Jack handle of your Hat Stretcher that is in your hat. Position it over the steam. Make sure that the steam is only touching the outside band are of the hat – NOT the inside. Twist the handle of the Hat Jack and apply more steam. Leave Hat Jack Hat Stretcher in the hat until cool. Repeat if the hat need more adjusting.

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INCH-MASTER® Waistband Stretcher

Inch-Master Waistband Stretcher allows waistbands to be stretched. The Inch-Master Waistband Stretcher works on waist sizes of 21 to 50 inches. The Inch-Master Waistband Stretcher allows you to stretch your waistband without sewing. If you need your waistband stretched, is easy to use and can provide up to five inches more in waistbands. The Inch-Master Waistband Stretcher can provide the extra inches you need in your waistband.

Inch Master Waistband and Collar Stretcher

Directions to use the Inch-Master Waistband the waistband must be well moistened when preparing to stretch. You can moisten the waistband or by spraying it with water or by dipping it into water. You can use the stretcher right after your garment has been washed but not dried yet. Open the front clamp of the Inch-Master Waistband Stretcher and place unfastened front of garment into the jaws. Tighten knob, making sure top of waistband is level with the top of the clamp. Reduce the Inch-Master to minimum length by turning the handle. Remove back piece and insert or remove extensions until the unextended length of the Inch Master is the approximate size of the unstretched waistband. At this time, choose the extensions to fit your Inch Master into the unstretched waistband. There is a chart in the instructions that will help you decide how many extensions are needed according to your waist size. The top of the garment should be level with the back piece. When your garment starts to resist, the stretching begins. Remember to go slowly and check on the fabric for signs of tear or fabric separation. If you see this, you should stop immediately. As each fabric requires a definite time to stretch, each widening process should be carried out carefully. Please stretch garment in stages. Turn handle two times, wait 60 seconds. Repeat until desired size is reached. Let your fabric dry completely before removing the Inch-Master Waistband Stretcher. The waistband will remain stretched until garment is washed. DO NOT use on fabric that is dry. Please open the window labeled "Instructions for Use" for instructions with pictures.

Instructions for Use

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