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This two way hat stretcher is robust and durable. Tapered blocks of wood fit against the leather sweatband to absorb moisture and maintain the hat's proper shape and size when stored. If your hat must be dried or stored under warm conditions, regular use of the stretcher will be beneficial. Made in U.S.A.

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Medium - 7 1/8 to 7 1/2Qty: Item: 34:5010M
Large - 7 1/2 and upQty: Item: 34:5010L
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INCH-MASTER® Waistband and Collar Stretchers

INCH-MASTER® Waistband Stretcher
Waistband alterations without sewing. Tight waistband made comfortable. You don't need a whole new outfit, the only thing you need is the INCH-MASTER® Waistband Stretcher. It allows you to widen almost all your pants, jeans, shorts and skirts around the waist. It can provide up to 5 inches more waistband room (depending on size of garment). Sure to pay for itself with the money you save not having to pay for bigger clothes every time you gain a few pounds. it is very easy to handle. Just moisten the fabric, or use right after washing the garment. Insert the INCH-MASTER® Waistband Stretcher and extend your waistband to the desired size. Waistband will remain stretched for a perfectly roomy fit until the next washing when you simply can repeat the process if desired.

It works on almost any fabric for waist sizes from 21” to 45” inches. It can extend up to 50”.
Made In Germany.

Instructions for Use

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